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Physical Therapy from a Different Perspective

Most physical therapy services focus only on the area that is causing problems. At Inspirit Therapy Associates in Green Bay, WI, we focus on all aspects of a patient’s health so we can offer the most effective, comprehensive, and highest-quality care.

Non-pharmaceutical Pain Management

Medication is not the only option for alleviating pain. We provide as many alternatives to medication as possible to ensure that patients can experience pain relief that is opiate-free. Everything from traditional physical therapy techniques to dry needling and cold laser are on our menu of pain relief services.


We Treat the Whole Person

Your life has changed. You no longer do the things you love because the pain stops you, or you’re afraid you will be incontinent, or you just don’t have the energy because moving is so difficult. Your physical therapist needs to understand that it’s not just about the diagnosis–it’s about YOU, the person, and how this has changed your life. We will listen! We will help you with education about nutrition, energy conservation, sleep management, pain management, and stress reduction. It’s our belief that by treating the whole patient, we can offer better relief for more patients.



Every therapist on staff has over 20 years of experience. Together, we have developed our global approach to pain management and dysfunction that, according to our patients, is extremely effective. Nobody should have to live with pain. Come in and let us help.

Your treatment at Inspirit Therapy Associates depends on your overall health. Find out more about the services we provide.
We treat a wide variety of conditions beyond the traditional physical therapy realm. What kind of pain do you have?
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“The Stretch Mobility program with Jamie is excellent. I am a PT myself but needed another trained pair of eyes to help find my tight joints and help develop a program I can do on my own. Jamie’s techniques are great. Definitely recommend Stretch Mobility for anyone looking to feel more mobile and develop a home program.”
-Jen Trupke
“Mrs. Andrews has done a lot not just for my family and I, but the community as well. She has provided unmatchable care for us regarding dry needling for tendinitis, quality stretching and therapy on strained, overused muscles, along with lasering and disrupted muscle tissue. She also shows up to many of the DePere athletic events and brings a positive, supportive attitude and is willing to work with all athletes. I would like to thank her for all of her wonderful services she has provided for me at Inspirit Therapy. I recommend looking into Inspirit Therapy if you are seeking quality physical therapy and other treatments.”
-Jack Daanen


“He helped me heal my frozen shoulder. He was very professional & I am very thankful!”
-Cindy Fermanich

“Inspirit therapy has positively affected my life. Eliza Andrews dry needles and massages my tight muscles whenever I call. Tim Trupke has been providing me with physical therapy for my hip and shoulder so that I can heal properly. All of their hard work and dedication is helping me athletically so I can perform at my best. I greatly appreciate all the time they take out of their day and I highly recommend them.”

-Grace Daanen


“About 12 years ago, I hit a brick wall with my health. Answers were not being given until I connected with Inspirit Therapy. I am forever thankful for the work they did for me. It changed my physical health in many ways!”

-Traci Beyer

“I have extreme gratitude for Eliza Andrews and Tim Trupke at Inspirit Therapy. I trust their  knowledge and experience with my three  children in regards to healing, training smart, increasing performance levels, strength and conditioning, and so much more!  My kids see positive results in their physical health after every appointment.  They educate my children so my kids can continue to practice what they learn at therapy on their own, as well.  They not only support the athletic programs in their office but also at events.  To say they go above and beyond is an understatement.   You’re in the best hands at Inspirit Therapy.”
-Molly Daanen




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