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Physical Therapy with a Different Perspective

Why We Are Different

It’s likely that you know someone who has had physical therapy or perhaps you have experienced it for yourself. But this experience will not be like that experience. 

Inspirit Therapy Associates offers more than traditional physical therapy. We use several advanced physical therapy methods and the latest technology as well as nutrition education and lifestyle management training to help you reduce pain and improve function.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy techniques are skilled treatments performed by a trained therapist, using specific hand movements and pressures applied to joints and soft tissues and to increase range of motion; induce relaxation; decrease pain; improve tissue health; and reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation, or restriction. Techniques may include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, manual traction, soft tissue mobilization/ massage, joint mobilization/manipulation, and passive range of motion.

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercises are specialized, specific physical movements or activities intended to decrease pain, improve movement, increase activities and participation, reduce risk of injury or falls, optimize overall health, and enhance fitness and well-being. Therapeutic Exercise may include range of motion exercises and soft tissue stretching; balance and proprioception exercises; relaxation exercises; and strength, power, and endurance exercises.


Reflexology is a natural way to ignite the body’s own healing power. The science of Reflexology is based on the research that the soles of the feet contain a “map” with pressure points that correspond to every organ and body part. Reflexology is the systematic application of pressure technique to the feet. Through specific pressure point massage, the practioner stimulates the pathways via the feet sending a new vigor to all parts of the body.
Major research findings show Reflexology impacts disease, improves quality of sleep and influences measurable aspects of the body including blood sugar levels, blood pressure, free radicals in the blood and blood flow to the kidneys and intestines.
Reflexology brings improved circulation and relaxation to ALL parts of the body resulting in better overall health.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is used to treat several conditions. It relaxes muscles and decreases anxiety. It can relieve back pain and pain from tension headaches and provide improvement in range of motion in joints. Massage has been proven to reduce muscle spasm and cramps. Inspirit Therapy Associates in Green Bay, WI, offers the following types of massage:

  • Swedish Massage: promotes relaxation and eases muscle tension
  • Deep Tissue Massage: focused on knotted muscles or points of chronic tension and pain
  • Prenatal Massage: relief of discomforts related to pregnancy
  • Hot Stone Massage: hot stones provide heat that will penetrate deep muscles

MObility STretch (MOST)

Struggling with pain, tightness, and/or mobility issues? Our MOST program aims to improve your flexibility while improving joint mobility and stability.

Your Mobility Stretch Specialist will work with you to identify the root of your pain or mobility issues and develop a customized plan to improve your wellbeing. Whether you are looking to improve athletic performance or want to feel better as you move through everyday activities, this hands on, one on one wellness program is designed to ensure your body is moving and functioning at its best.

Integrative Dry Needling

Dry needling itself does not treat any diseases, but rather restores tissue and body wide physiological balance.The process of dry needling involves inserting a very small flexible needle into the soft tissue. The needle-induced stretching creates tiny lesions, which remain in the body for days. These lesions push the body into self-healing. Dry needling promotes the body’s self-healing process in localized soft tissues by reducing physical stress / tissue tension, normalizing local inflammation, and replacing old, injured tissue with fresh healthy tissue. When the soft tissues are healing, the whole body is persuaded to heal, too. This is called Restoring Systemic Homeostasis and means reducing both physical and physiological stress. All body systems, including the immune, cardiovascular, and endocrine, among others, can experience benefits through neurological and vascular inter-relationships. The procedure can also alleviate biomechanical imbalances such as joint and posture imbalance by addressing the soft tissue dysfunctions. Integrative Dry Needling is similar to trigger point dry needling, but it is based on advanced ideas which make it more effective than trigger point needling. It is also far less uncomfortable than trigger point needling.

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are inserts for your shoes that are created specifically to fit your foot. Your physical therapist will evaluate how you walk, examine your feet, discuss your concerns and complaints, and create a model of your foot with measurements to be used in creation of the orthotic.

Orthotics may be used to treat plantar fasciitis (heel spurs), bursitis, tendonitis, and any foot, ankle or heel pain. Our orthotics are cost-efficient and we will monitor the effectiveness of their use in relieving your symptoms.

POTS Management Program

POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) is a form of Dysautonomia that causes rapid heart rate and an inability to tolerate being upright. Dysautonomia is a dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System – the part of your nervous system that is responsible for everything that happens “automatically” – such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, temperature and breathing.

At Inspirit, we recognize that each person is individual and has different symptoms, responding to treatment differently. Using a team approach, we feel it is extremely important to “meet you where you are at”. Listening to your journey and finding out what the biggest areas of challenge are and developing a program that works for you. In our sessions, we address the following pillars:

  • Movement/Exercise: Exercise training has been proven to expand blood volume as well as increase cardiac muscle mass and heart size. These in turn have been associated with improvement of symptoms.
  • Hydration and Nutrition: Increased fluid intake and a salty diet are a very important area of focus and can help with decreasing lightheadedness and dizziness. But, it doesn’t end there. We will discuss general nutrition and possible use of supplements.
  • Lifestyle: Here we discuss various strategies, education and emotional
    support to help manage your daily activities and routines.
  • Sleep: Poor sleep quality can be a huge contributing factor to increased symptoms. We will talk about different options such as sleep postures, bed positioning and relaxation techniques.

Fertility Treatment

Physical therapy is a cost effective and non-invasive treatment option for infertility. Physical therapy has been proven to help reduce mechanical causes of infertility such as fascial adhesions and painful intercourse through various manual therapy techniques and self- management strategies. At Inspirit, our therapists also assist in addressing the emotional roadblocks associated with infertility and are here to address your mental needs as well as physical.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Rehabilitation Program

Inspirit Therapy’s pregnancy and postpartum rehabilitation program offers comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care to individuals at any point during their motherhood journey. Research shows that exercise improves the health and well-being of both mother and child during pregnancy and can improve delivery outcomes and speed up postpartum recovery, but it can be intimidating to know where to start. It can also be confusing to know which symptoms are normal and which are not during pregnancy and postpartum. That’s why the Inspirit team is here to help you navigate this process. Our goals are to keep you moving during pregnancy, optimize a healthy delivery experience, speed up recovery postpartum, and address any deficits that may remain even years following your birth experience.

Cancer Rehabilitation Program

Cancer rehabilitation is an individualized program to aid
people after diagnosis of any type of cancer, at any stage. Common medical treatments for cancer include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments may be necessary to shrink or eliminate the tumor, but they may result in fatigue, weakness, lymphedema, poor range of motion, among other side effects. Cancer rehab will focus on 3 pillars of rehabilitation: cardiovascular strength,
musculoskeletal strength, and flexibility. This program will help restore your energy, improve your comfort, and maximize your function!

Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema is a chronic swelling that can occur in arms, legs, and/or your trunk. Lymphatic decongestive therapy will educate you in fluid mobilization techniques, wrapping or compression wear, and movement patterns that will reduce the girth of your affected areas making it more comfortable to fit into your clothing, reduce risk of infections, and improve your overall mobility.

PT Technology

Cold Laser

We use cold laser therapy to treat both acute and chronic pain. Using a low-power laser, we stimulate healing in tissues. This is safe and effective for certain types of pain. Ask your therapist if it’s right for you.


Ultrasound in a physical therapy environment isn’t used for imaging. It is used to provide deep heat to muscles or ligaments so that they can stretch and increase range of motion. Ultrasound also stimulates the tissue with vibrations from the sound waves to ease pain.

High Intensity Laser Therapy

Our practice is proud to offer a high intensity laser therapy modality, using LightForce Therapy Lasers. The laser is used to target deep tissues, stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. This treatment doesn’t require surgery or drugs, and it is a painless procedure. When used in conjunction with soft-issue and manual modalities, high intensity laser therapy can help improve effectiveness, decrease myofascial pain, and increase mobility. Laser therapy is on the cutting-edge of physical therapy treatment and offers an innovative approach to conditions such as:

Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Neuralgia, Neck & Back Pain, Knee & Ankle Pain, Sciatica, Sprains & Strains, Soft-Tissue Injuries, Tendonitis, Sports Injuries, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fasciitis, And Many More!

What makes these high-intensity lasers so effective? They have a high power output that allows them to penetrate far below the skin. This means they can target tissues deep within the body for improved healing, drastically cutting down on treatment time and benefitting even severe conditions. Patients experience improved mobility, decreased pain, and increased function, faster.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Used for both electrotherapy and muscle training, electrical muscle stimulation can help with chronic pain and also maintain muscle strength to prevent atrophy after a stroke or injury. Electrodes are placed around the muscle that is targeted and electrical impulses trigger the muscle to contract and relax for a prescribed amount of time.


Inspirit Therapy Associates’ therapists can help you control certain body functions, such as relaxing muscles, through biofeedback. Using sensors over the muscles in which you are experiencing pain, a device will indicate when you are contracting the muscle. Using this information, you will be prompted to relax the muscle to decrease the tension and pain. Biofeedback sessions depend on your ability to control and change your physical responses when prompted.

Iontophoresis in Physical Therapy

Quick chemistry review: ionic charges that are the same will repel and those with opposite charges will attract. Applying that concept to iontophoresis, a medication in a solution that is negatively charged will be pushed away from any negative electricity, likewise with two positive charges.

After the medication is chosen, in conjunction with your physician, it will be placed on an electrode with the same charge and then placed on the area being treated. The opposite electrode (without medication) is placed nearby. The electrodes are turned on and the impulse of the electrode with the same charge as the medication solution will push the medication into the affected area. The treatment generally takes about 20 minutes.

Inspirit Therapy Associates provides traditional and alternative treatments. Call 920-338-9670 or contact us today!


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