POTS Management Program in Green Bay

Dysautonomia is a dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System – the part of your nervous system that is responsible for everything that happens “automatically” – such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, temperature and breathing.

Symptoms of POTS

POTS can manifest as lightheadedness, fainting and rapid heart beat. Because of this dysfunction in the autonomic nervous systems, people with POTS may have trouble staying active. Physical deconditioning can also cause symptoms to worsen. People with POTS can be helped by physical therapy and endurance training.

Our Program in Green Bay

At Inspirit, we recognize that each person is individual and has different symptoms, responding to treatment differently. Using a team approach, we feel it is extremely important to “meet you where you are at”. Listening to your journey and finding out what the biggest areas of challenge are and developing a program that works for you. In our sessions, we address the following pillars:

  • Movement/Exercise: Exercise training has been proven to expand blood volume as well as increase cardiac muscle mass and heart size. These in turn have been associated with improvement of symptoms.
  • Hydration and Nutrition: Increased fluid intake and a salty diet are a very important area of focus and can help with decreasing lightheadedness and dizziness. But, it doesn’t end there. We POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) is a form of Dysautonomia that causes rapid heart rate and an inability to tolerate being uprightwill discuss general nutrition and possible use of supplements.
  • Lifestyle: Here we discuss various strategies, education and emotional
    support to help manage your daily activities and routines.
  • Sleep: Poor sleep quality can be a huge contributing factor to increased symptoms. We will talk about different options such as sleep postures, bed positioning and relaxation techniques.

What to expect from physical therapy in Green Bay?

For people with POTS, physical therapists can use different levels of exercise. For those with severe disabilities, such as bedridden patients, level one would be the best. These activities include stretching, squeezing pillows between your legs, arms and feet, writing the alphabet with your toes, and leg lifts on your side or back. Although many of these exercises are difficult to do at first, it is worth doing some each day.

People with POTS can likely begin with level 2 exercises. Level two and three should be preceded by a warm-up of yoga or stretching for five to ten minutes. Level two includes rowing, weight training, strength training, swimming and recumbent biking. Some of these exercises may seem difficult at first, but they will become easier as you do them more often.

Level two exercisers with POTS can increase their exercise tolerance and move on to level three. They should be able to exercise for 45 minutes at most three times per week. These sessions should focus on cardiovascular exercise and leg strength. Examples of level three exercises include the elliptical and treadmill, stair stepper, jump rope, arm bike, and stair stepper.

Different Treatments Used at Inspirit Therapy

The effectiveness of physical therapy for POTS has been proven to be significant in improving symptoms. Inspirit Therapy’s physical therapists will help you identify endurance and strengthening exercises that can improve blood flow and reduce fatigue.

Our physical therapists might use the following treatments:

  • Manual therapy techniques. Manual therapy techniques like joint mobilization or massage will be performed by your physical therapist to reduce pain, increase blood flow and improve range of motion.
  • Ultrasound. This treatment stimulates blood circulation and heals by heating tissues, tendons and muscles.
  • Functional strengthening. Exercises for strength and endurance in the lower limbs will reduce fatigue, heaviness, blood flow, and other symptoms.
  • Stretching exercises. Stretching can increase flexibility and blood flow, which can help reduce inflammation and pain.

Our physical therapists can help you feel great again if you have POTS or any symptoms related to it. Call Inspirit Therapy today to get started!

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Jeanne Cramer

My husband and I have both benefited from Eliza’s physical therapy over the years. She has helped us SO much! After my husband had both knees replaced she guided him on exercises to do at home and he was able to run the Bellin 10-K race five months to the day of his operation! She is very caring and encourages us to lead an active life.
She keeps up to date on all of the information so she can share it with us. After my surgery she has helped me so much. I really appreciate it all.
I thank God she is there for us!

Leah Cardimona

This is an amazing place. They are super nice and listen to your issues. It’s one of the first places that has helped me with my dysautonomia (POTS). I recommend them 100%


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