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Eliza Andrews and her “Inspirit Therapy” organization has made a significant difference in my life. About 4-5 years ago, Sue, who was Dr. DeGoot’s NP referred me to Eliza for treatment for Chronic Prostatitis. This very discomforting issue had been ongoing since 1995. Despite numerous doctors, medications, and prostate enlargement surgery, I could not get any sustained relief from this chronic condition.


Eliza began, what she called, “Pelvic Floor Therapy.” For the first time since 1995 I began to get meaningful relief. We finally reached a point, where the burning sensation was pretty much relieved. Last year, after a bad catheter insertion, the old chronic condition reared its ugly head. After a few treatment, Eliza was able to bring things under control again. It was during this series of treatments that Eliza noticed I was pretty uptight from the health and family issues, saying I was an “Emotional Train Wreck.” Eliza recommended that I see Julie Rider, who had just began her Wellness Trainer practice at Inspirit. Let me tell you, that after a number of month of weekly, then biweekly, monthly sessions, I felt emotionally and mentally better than I could remember.

There is one other person at Inspirit who has been a wonderful addition to my well being. Erika Vogels has been giving me full body massages for a couple of years now. Erika is truly dedicated to her profession. She genuinely loves doing massages, and we, the patient feel that love and passion in her manipulated the tense muscles in my body.

All the folks at Inspirit are a reflection of Eliza, Erika, and Julie’s deep concern for their patients. It is without reservation that I highly recommend these wonderful, caring folks at Inspirit to people that I care about.

– P. Costello

Inspirit Therapy gets 2 thumbs up from me! Eliza Andrews is the best Physical Therapist I’ve ever worked with. Through her hard work and countless hours of therapy I have my pre-accident life back. She bent over backwards to accommodate my schedule. Thank you Eliza and Inspirit Therapy.


I will tell you that Eliza was the most amazing women I ever met. She had a caring, loving spirit and actually listened to me. What I admired most is that she was so in tuned to the human body…mine. She was a well studied and educated women who didn’t use her education to make me feel less of a person. I‘ve read lots of books on natural things and we were able to discuss some of them. Plus, their office has some great books that you can check out and read. She had shared about a women she had studied under or read a lot about. I can’t remember the whole story but to me it seemed like Eliza went above and beyond what most medical field persons do. She learned from the best to be the best. I had been to other doctors to help with my situation and she was the only one to get to the root cause and correct it. Thank you Eliza!

-R. Siebenlist

Would just like to say how awesome Eliza is. We met when our sons played soccer together and my son got a foot injury. She knew immediately what to do on the field and then suggested some treatments. She did this in her own time and opened up the clinic especially for him. I know she does this for lots of other players. She is so kind and thoughtful. She goes above and beyond making sure that everyone understood what treatment was needed and what my son needed to do to make a full recovery. After a couple of treatments, he was back playing soccer thanks to Eliza. She is also a great Soccer Mom – making sure that the boys don’t get dehydrated and are eating healthy during the season. I know this is not a very detailed testimonial or a great story but I just wanted to share this with you and let you know how much we appreciated Eliza’s help and why we would recommend Inspirit.

-O. Kamschulte

Inspirit has played an integral role in my life as well as several members of my family. I have been a patient of Eliza Andrews for nine years at Inspirit and previous to that, at the clinic for which she was on staff as their Physical Therapist. Throughout this period of time, I have been treated for several different issues. I always have tremendous confidence in Eliza’s methods of treatment and I have never doubted or questioned her ability to make me well again. In addition, I have complete trust in her knowledge as a medical professional and ask her opinion regularly regarding many areas of my health and well being. She has always guided me in a manner that is both professional and personal at the same time. I know that I am being well cared for.

Over the years, I have recommended Inspirit Therapy to family and friends without hesitation. I know that they too will receive the very best treatment by Eliza and her staff. The staff at Inspirit always go above and beyond to find time to treat either myself of members of my family either through cancellations, by coming in early or staying late or by finding a way to squeeze us in their schedule.

Because Eliza is so very efficient and effective with her diagnosis and treatment, she does not require patients to continue with endless weeks of physical therapy appointments. I have been part of that system in the past with other therapists. Eliza’s integrity does not allow her to keep you coming back for further treatments that are not necessary.

I am grateful to Eliza and Inspirit Therapy for always being there for me and my family.

– P.  Albers

Deteriorating Spine
I was referred to Inspirit by the Neuro Spine Center of Wisconsin after my initial spine fusion surgery, in the summer of 2004. My first impressions were very positive, despite some concerns about the size of the organization. What I found was a very talented staff with a unique attitude toward care giving. I have had a long history of physical therapy involving a multitude of providers for my deteriorating spine conditions since 2001, and Inspirit went above and beyond what all other providers, (and there were many!) offered in the way of hospitality and reaching out to know me as an individual and develop much more than just a typical supplier/customer relationship. I have always felt very comfortably at home when visiting Inspirit for my therapy sessions. Cheryl Hanson provided the majority of my physical therapy which I felt was very thorough and successful as I obtained my goals for the therapy. Cheryl was not hesitant to refer me to Eliza when a special therapy need was identified for which she felt Eliza was more qualified to address. I know that the therapists at Inspirit are always investing in their own professional development in order to always be in a position to offer the most advanced thinking in therapy for the conditions they are treating. I would offer an unqualified and very high recommendation for Inspirit to anyone needing or desiring the services they offer and provide.

-Bob Vande Walle

I get therapy for a number of gymnastics injuries. Only one I know of in Green Bay that does manual therapy. Manipulates the muscles-works for me SO much better than reg PT with machinery that is generic.

-Jenni Larsen

I’ve been with Inspirit Therapy for about 13 years and I’ve had nothing short of an excellent experience overall. I came here after going through physical therapy at another facility for over a year without any results. Eliza and her team think outside the box and tailor your therapy to your specific needs. Every appt. is very personable and hands on therapy – no putting you on a machine and leaving the room. Thanks to all their hard work I’m able to stand in an upright position again, have more range of motion, and have gained a little bit of my quality of life back. I highly recommend Inspirit Therapy and Eliza to anyone experiencing pain and lack of motion!

-Terri Borchardt

Eliza has too be one of best the therapist in the Green Bay area.

-Tom Christoff

Wonderful experience and great people.

-Shelly Heider

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